Speaker — October 8, 2014
Prof. William Happer of Princeton University on climate change/global warming

William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Bracket Professor of Physics at Princeton University, is a highly regarded physicist whose research includes selected dynamics of climate change. As such, he is superbly equipped to discuss the roles of natural forces and fossil fuel-generated CO2 in climate change.

A particular interest of Prof. Happer’s is properly quantifying the greenhouse impact of CO2. Prof. Happer’s work on climate change has included numerous research papers, presentations at Congressional subcommittees, briefing Congressional staff, authoring opinion pieces for the Wall Street Journal, and providing papers for general readership as well as presentations at various universities and research institutions. Professor Happer has the ability to lucidly explain and discuss climate change, a most challenging task.

Arranged by Phillip Meyer

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September 10
DMA Book Club Discussion: “A Higher Call” by Adam Makos

51uD-j-dGZL._AA160_Kent Haydock will lead our DMA book discussion for September. The chosen selection is A Higher Call by Adam Makos.

On December 20, 1943, two enemy pilots met in the skies over Germany—an American, Charlie Brown—and a German, Franz Stigler. What transpired would be called: “WWII’s most incredible aerial encounter.” Now, for the first time, A Higher Call tells the complete story of Charlie and Franz’s WWII experiences, their gritty tales of aerial combat over the African desert, the seas of Sicily, the fog of England, and the ultimate battleground—the frozen skies of Germany. The library will have copies of the book available on or about August 1st.

The meeting will be held on at the Darien Library in the Harris Room on the 2nd floor beginning at 12:30 p.m.

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Speaker — October 1, 2014
Michael Dante, award winning TV, film, and stage actor

Michael DanteMichael is also a former professional minor league baseball player.

From Wikipedia:

Dante has appeared in 30 films and 150 television shows.[1] He is notable for spending seven years in supporting roles under contract to three major studios at once: MGM, Warner Brothers and Twentieth Century Fox. He considers his best performances the role that he played in Killer Instinct on the CBS television series Desilu Playhouse, along with his roles in the movies WestboundWinterhawk andSeven Thieves.[1]

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October 3, 2014
DMA Golf Outing at Sterling Farms

89428809Kevin Monahan has arranged with Sterling Farms for a DMA Golf Outing to be held on Friday, October 3 starting at 10:30 AM. We have 5 tee times starting at 10:30 AM enabling us to have 20 players. The cost per player is $42.00 including the golf cart. An announcement will be made at next week’s meeting at which we will have a sign up sheet. Kevin will be away that day and Alex Garnett will be covering for Kevin in his absence.

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September 11, 2014
Hiking in Mianus River Park

mriver-autumnOur first hike for 2014-15 is scheduled for Thursday, September 11 in the 400 acre Mianus River Park which straddles the towns of Stamford and Greenwich and is owned jointly by them.  Those who hiked the Mianus River Gorge last year may be particularly interested in exploring the trails on this downstream stretch of the river. We will hike approximately 4 miles and, starting at 10am, be done by about 12.30 pm.

As usual, participation by spouses, significant others and friends is welcome. The hike will be followed by lunch at a Stamford restaurant (optional).

Meet in the parking lot at the Stamford entrance of the Mianus River Park on Merriebrook Lane, off Westover Road. Park on the lower level, just below the large red cabin on the right side of Merriebrook Lane.

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Speaker — September 24, 2014
Scott Kuhner

Scott Kuhner, a DMA member, will speak about one of his ocean adventures with his family.

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Speaker, September 17, 2014
Dan Libertino and John Bulakowshi will speak on the life of aircraft pioneer, Igor Sikorsky

Dan is President of the and John is Vice President of the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives Organization.

“The mission of the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives is to acquire, manage, protect and make accessible to qualified persons for research and educational purposes, historical documents and memorabilia associated with Igor I. Sikorsky, his life and his careers in aviation, and the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, as well as related predecessor companies. This includes the full history of aircraft design, manufacture, sales and operational use, as well as film and video materials, models, and other memorabilia relating to Igor I. Sikorsky.“
Volunteers (Archivists) are the key to accomplishing our objectives. Currently there are 19 active Archivists who meet weekly on Tuesday and Thursday assisting in a variety of projects such as the cataloging of the thousands of pieces of memorabilia into a computer for ease of location, the reorganization of the files and the expansion of some files to the Administration Building across from the Barrett House, and the review of early 1920 and 1930 velum drawings for preservation and much more.

Additionally, Archivists have expanded participation in Community projects. Joe Keogan, for example, has assisted in setting up a pictorial display of the history of Sikorsky at the Bridgeport Discovery Museum. Igor Sikorsky Jr.. Dan Libertino and Lee Jacobson give video presentation and question and answer sessions to members of schools and other organizations in the greater Bridgeport and New Haven areas.. Art Linden and John Daniell continue their video interview sessions with former key Sikorsky retirees, such as past Presidents, Sikorsky Family Members and a full range of early employees who witnessed the start of the helicopter industry. An area that is expending rapidly involves e-mail questions to the Archives from literally all over the world. The range of questions asked is interesting: The queries range from very technical to filling in gaps in family history of former Sikorsky employees. An Archivist replies to each and every inquiry with a reply to a question to providing copies of archival material.

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Speaker, September 10, 2014
Art Gottlieb on the history of the USS Intrepid

The U.S.S. Intrepid was launched in Norfolk in 1943 and saw extensive World War II service in the Pacific. Intrepid has the distinction of being the most attacked U.S. vessel by the Japanese, having absorbed 1 torpedo hit in addition to being struck by bomb-laden Kamikazes 5 times.

Continuously modernized in the 1950’s and 60’s, Intrepid specialized in Anti-Submarine Warfare in addition to serving three tours of duty off the coast of Vietnam before finally being retired in 1974.

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Locust Grove and Storm King Art Center
September 18, 2014

September 18. 2014 Excursion to Locust Grove and Storm King Art Center

 Contact  MelKlugman@Yahoo.com     914-939-3984   cell 914-417-1568

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Speaker — September 3, 2014
John Sanden, American Portrait Painter

The critical year in John Sanden’s personal history was 1969 — the year he decided to leave the Midwest and a long career in Christian art, and try his hand at New York City and the world of portrait painting. Within months of arriving in New York, he was appointed to the teaching faculty of the Art Students League, had become affiliated with the city’s principal portrait brokerage, Portraits, Incorporated, and had established a nationwide portrait clientele of the famous, wealthy and influential.

Sanden thereupon launched into an ambitious teaching career. He founded The Portrait Institute in 1974 and began touring the nation, teaching his ideas and techniques to thousands, who came out to hear him in classes as large as seven hundred at a time. Those who could not come in person studied through one of the national correspondence instructional programs, which he created. In 1979, Sanden launched the National Portrait Seminar, which grew to be the largest art seminar program in America. An annual lecture series at the Art Students League was presented to standing-room-only audiences there for twenty-three years.

John Sanden is the author of four books on portraiture: Painting the Head in Oil (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1976); Successful Portrait Painting (Watson-Guptill, 1981); Portraits From Life (North Light Books, Cincinnati, 1999); and The Portraits of John Howard Sanden (Madison Square Press, New York, 2001). With all of these demands on his time, he has managed to complete more than five hundred portraits of prominent figures in American public, professional and business life. His client list reads like a Who’s Who of American education and industry.

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