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Speaker — June 6, 2012
Henry Tang

Henry Tang, having just returned from another trip to Asia and China, will discuss recent developments in Asia in general and China in particular. Suggested and arranged by Peter Hallock.

Speaker — May 23, 2012
Darien High School students

Darien High School students will discuss projects on which they have been working, especially those demonstrating innovation and creativity. Suggested and arranged by Marc Thorne.

Speaker — May 16, 2012
Jayme Stevenson

May 16, Jayme Stevenson, Darien First Selectwoman will discuss issues facing Darien and the state of the town. Suggested and arranged by Wally Pugh.

Speaker — May 9, 2012
Marina Julia Neary

Marina Julia Neary will talk about her two books on heroes of the Irish Rebellion (Martyrs & Traitors” and “Brendan Malone”). Both are works of historical fiction that have displayed the author’s wit and sketch the fine line between traitor and martyr. Suggested and arranged by Bob Ready.

Speaker — May 2, 2012
Ernan Ni

Ernan Ni came from China to be a research assistant at UCONN. He now is a founding partner and managing director of Power Bidding Strategies, a private energy trading company. He will speak on reviving 5000 years of Chinese civilization, and on the Shen Yun Performing Arts of Connecticut. Suggested by Ben Briggs, arranged by Bob Ready.

Speaker — April 25. 2012
Dr. Stephen Falcone

Dr. Stephen Falcone, Darien Superintendent of Schools, will speak to us about education in Darien, with emphasis on special education issues. Suggested and arranged by Wally Pugh.

Speaker — April 18. 2012
Dr. Les de Villiers

Dr. Les de Villiers, an expert on African Safaris will speak to us about the “Ultimate Safari”. He will have just returned from Africa having spent most of the month of March there. Les grew up in the arid interior of South Africa, and is the author or co-author of several books, including the South African Travel Guide. Arranged by Bob Ready.

Speaker — April 11, 2012
Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith, Commissioner of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development will speak on Connecticut innovations. She is a recent appointee of Governor Malloy, and formerly chief executive for ING’s retirement services in Connecticut. Suggested and arranged by Marc Thorne.

Speaker — April 4, 2012
Dale Kutnick

Dale Kutnick, Senior VP and global head of Gartner Executive Programs, will discuss likely future directions in technology. His primary role is designing and developing innovative programs for CEO’s to help them better manage and exploit the uses of IT. Suggested and arranged by Wally Pugh.

Speaker — March 28, 2012
Michael Twomey

Michael Twomey will discuss Nuclear Energy. Michael is an officer of Entergy, and spoke recently before the New Canaan Senior Men’s group. He is a graduate of Tulane, with a Law Degree from UConn, and has spent many years in the industry. Suggested and arranged by Bob Ready.

Speaker — March 21, 2012
Brent Colley

Brent Colley, a resident of Redding, and noted authority on Mark Twain will talk about Twain’s period of time living in Redding, and will share some of Twain’s humor and wisdom with us. Suggested by Martin Skala, and arranged by Bob Ready.

Speaker — March 14, 2012
Former State Representative John Ryan

Former State Representative John Ryan with long service representing Darien in the CT House of Representatives,will speak on fiscal issues facing Connecticut. Suggested by Wally Pugh and arranged by Bob Ready.

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