Month: April 2012

Book Discussion

If you enjoy reading and discussing what you have read then you should become a participant in the DMA Book Club.

The Book Discussion group meets on the second Wednesday of each month (Sep-Jun) at 12:30 p.m.-2 00 p.m. at the Mather Community Center located at the Darien Town Hall building. Food or drinks may not be brought into the discussion room; however the cafeteria is open before the discussion meeting for those who wish to bring their lunch.

At each meeting, the next Discussion Leader identifies the book chosen for the following month. The book choice may be fiction or non-fiction. The only restriction is the book must be available from the Darien Library. The Library maintains a collection of books, specifically for local Book Groups. This collection includes over 175 titles with more added periodically. Also the Library can order a collection (10+ copies) of a specific title if requested well in advance (60+ days). Marianne Paterniti and Pat Sheary are our Library Book Group contacts.

Role of the Discussion Leader: (i) choose a book; (ii) check availability and reserve at least 10 copies for SMA’s use; (iii) prepare and distribute a list of discussion topics/questions prior to the meeting; (iv) reserve a meeting room at the Library; (v) lead the discussion.

Participants may pick up a copy of the book in the reserve section of the library (just behind the front desk). Copies of the book are checked out to the SMA; you just need to pick up a copy; it is not required to check out the books individually.

Activity Leaders: Captain, Harris Hester, and Co-Captain, Gary Banks.

Contact Harris or Gary if you are interested in participating.

Often, someone will recommend a book they thought was noteworthy. It may or may not become a selection for discussion.  We’ve recorded those recommendations in a category called Good Reads.  Anyone is welcome to make a suggestion by sending an email to Gary Banks.

Book Group meeting to discuss “The Hero of France”.


The Bowling Group meets on Tuesdays from 9:00am to 11:00am at the Nutmeg Bowl on Villa Avenue in Fairfield.

For more information, contact Tom Lom or Gehr Brown.

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The Bridge Group are DMA members who meet for a social bridge session on most Mondays from 1PM to 3:30PM.  We meet at parish hall of St. Luke’s Parish Episcopal Church located at 1864 Post Road Darien, CT 06820 in Darien, CT.

All members are welcome including beginners.

Contact Kent Haydock for more information.


Music Program — May 30, 2012
The Darien Senior Songsters

Our own Darien Senior Songsters  will serenade us. Led by Joe Holmes, and accompanied by Bunny Erickson. Please note that wives/girlfriends are invited to join us at 11 AM to hear the Songsters.

Darien Songsters

The Songsters are a bunch of stout hearted senior men who enjoy performing a selection of Barbershop Harmony, Broadway, and Spiritual songs. Some of their favorites are:

  • Stout Hearted Men, Sweet Adeline, and Yes Sir That’s My Baby
  • God Bless America, Dear Hearts and Gentle People, and Home on the Range
  • Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho and Precious Lord Take my Hand
  • Cockeyed Optimist and We Ain’t Got Dames from South Pacific,
  • Get Me to the Church On Time from My Fair Lady and
  • Mame.

Enjoy one of their spirituals:

If you are interested in having the Darien Senior Songsters perform for your organization please call Joe Holmes on telephone no. 203-838-8744.

An incomplete lists of current members includes: Joe Holmes – Music Director, John Cagnina, George Cammann, Bill Close, Tom Dunn, Bill Flanagan, Rollie Holub, Tony Kwedar, Bill McIntire, Bob Mitchell, Russ Peppet, Bob Ready, Bob Riith, Marc Thorne, and Bunny Erickson – Accompanist.

Darien Senior Songsters

Golf Outing, 2012

Join Bill Atkinson and the other DMA golfers for some golf and fellowship.  All levels of handicap are welcome.

The group plays at Silvermine Golf Club that was established in 1959 as a private club dedicated to the sport of golf. Located in northern Norwalk, Connecticut, on the Wilton town line.  Its 27 holes allow ample playing access to novice and experienced players alike. For the casual golfer, the 9 hole course can be completed in a leisurely two hours or less.

The schedule is announced at the Wednesday meetings.

Contact Bill Atkinson for more information.

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Happy Wanderers

The DMA Happy Wanderers are a loose-knit group of DMA members that enjoy walking the sidewalks of New York City. The group is led by John Barston and Bill Bellis.

About once a month during the good weather months, the group takes a train into the city to enjoy walking, learning something about the history of the city, enjoying good food at a nice restaurant, and having a drink or two at some historic bars. The walks are leisurely and may be five miles or more in distance.

The group usually departs around 8:30 to 9AM and catches a train back to Darien in the 4 to 5PM timeframe.

Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out)

The ROMEOs meet on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM at our new location,the Darien Diner, 171 Post Road in Darien, CT 06820, to enjoy fellowship and a meal.

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Racquet Sports

This group is currently playing Pickle Ball. It is a fun and fast game for players of all levels. Great exercise. We play Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 in the Mather Center gym. They provide the equipment. All are welcome.

For information about the sport, the rules and an introductory video see:
What is Pickleball?

For more information, contact Al Metayer.


Do you enjoy working with wood? Give a man some time and the proper tools and there is no telling what he may come up with. We have the tools and talent to repair an item you own or create that custom piece you need.

The DMA Woodworking Group meets at the wood shop at the Mather Center Mondays and Tuesdays, 10-12. We have the talent and tools to build or repair things made of wood.

The woodworking group is able to do all kinds of repairs so visit them if you have something made of wood that needs repairing.

Woodworking Group projects

Woodworking Group projects

Our Shop.
Tools are important. If you are a novice, we’ll help you use the professional quality tools in our shop. If you are an experienced woodworker, we have tools than can add to your home shop. Below is a list of the the tools that make us look good.

Table Saw









Band Saws

















Grinder, Router Table










Scroll Saw, Sliding Miter Saw










Drill Press, Mortising Chisel