Month: August 2012

Yankee Stadium Triple Play Photo Gallery — August 24, 2012

[camera slideshow=”yankee-stadium-triple-play”]

Our day had a bumpy start with a bus breakdown along I95, but smoothly recovered with a thrilling tour of Yankee Stadium, followed by a visit to the truly magnificent re-creation of Monet’s Giverny gardens (think Lily Pads) at the New York Botanical Garden, and concluded with an elegant (and sumptuous) late lunch at La Panetiére restaurant in Rye, NY.

At Yankee Stadium, we saw the memorabilia of several famous Yankees in their Museum, read the two dozen plaques in Monument Park, sat in the dugout and imagined that we were up at bat next, and looked into the clubhouse lockers.

At the NYBG, we walked among the colorful flowers and water lilies in the replica of Monet’s gardens at the Giverny,

Lastly, we had a superb lunch, which was topped off with a decadent dessert of vanilla ice cream and chocolate lava cake, at La Panetiere in Rye.


Our applause to Mel Klugman for putting this all together.

And Thanks to Frank Johnson for the photos!

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Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel at the Goodspeed Opera House — September 20, 2012

Carousel has captivated audiences around the world with the powerful love story of an innocent young millworker and swaggering carousel barker. He meets a tragic end but is given one chance for redemption by delivering hope to the daughter he never knew and whispering words left unspoken to his wife. Continue reading

Speaker — September 19, 2012
Mike Baker

Mike Baker

Mike Baker

Mike Baker will be focusing on the issue of international risks facing the US , with a focus on economic espionage and cyber-security.

During a career spanning over fifteen years as a covert field operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mike specialized in counterterrorism, counternarcotics and counterinsurgency operations. He engaged in, organized and supervised operations around the globe, working in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. He was recognized professionally for outstanding performance and for operational achievements in hostile environments.

In December 2000, after leaving government service,Mike co-founded Diligence with the goal of building the premier intelligence and risk management firm. As a principal partner over the years he has worked to grow the company as it expanded around the globe, opening offices in London, New York, Washington, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Brussels and Geneva. He also worked to establish the company’s security operations in Iraq in 2003, as Diligence built a team of over 300 expat and local personnel involved in security and information collection.

Based in New York City, Mike now oversees the company’s operations and growth throughout the Americas. Diligence is a leading provider of due diligence, litigation support, investigative services and competitive/strategic intelligence to multinationals, financial institutions, law firms, governments and high net wealth individuals around the globe.

Mike is a regular contributor in the national and international media on intelligence, security and counterterrorism issues. He appears regularly on Fox News, as well as other major media outlets.

Contact: Bob Smith

Speaker — September 12, 2012
Jack Cavanaugh

Jack Cavanaugh,veteran sportswriter takes a look at the historic ’42 baseball season, how it was shaped and affected by the war and what, ultimately, it meant to America. Cavanaugh is the author of Giants Among Men and Tunney, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in biography.

Contact: W. Ball.

Speaker — September 5, 2012
Internet Support Committee

Bob Smith and Cecil Wade of the Internet Support Committee will use the first Member Meeting to demo the new SMA website and present how the new site can provide more timely and relevant information to the SMA membership. The talk will include information and discussion of how the SMA website will integrate with the DCA and Darien Library websites.

Contact: Bob Smith.