Month: November 2012

Music Program — December 19, 2012
The Blue Notes

The Blue Notes, a group of women who volunteer to bring the joy of music to the community both as a form of entertainment and as a form of therapy. The Blue Notes has been part of the Darien Community Association since 2004. The Blue Notes Group take pride in providing high quality entertainment and enjoyment to audiences and the SMA takes pride in asking them back year after year to sing for us.

Contact: W. Pugh

Speaker — December 12, 2012
Ken Roman

Our featured speaker will be Ken Roman, formerly CEO of Olgivy Mathers Worldwide, who will speak on the recent history of business in America, with an emphasis on the role of advertising.

In addition, Tom Lom will describe a program to be undertaken by the SMA on revitalizing and rejuvenating our organization, with a special emphasis on attracting what we are calling “young seniors”.   We will be asking for your support and participation in this important effort.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

SMA assists with the Darien Christmas lights

[camera slideshow=”2012-christmaslights”]

Bob Smith, Jack Fitzgibbons, Taylor Strubinger, Bob Ready, George Cammann, Tony Kwedar, and Bill Ball (otherwise known as the seven elves.)

We fixed the holiday lights for Darien,
Wreaths from boxes we were a carry’en.
Replacing bulbs, fixing bows, blowing fuses
We did our job with no excuses.

So remember well the seven elves of SMA,
Working in the cold that November day,
We ask no praise, we did our task
But next year we might bring a flask!

Speaker — December 5, 2012
Michael Mauboussin

Michael Mauboussin, chief strategist for Legg Mason Funds and author of “Success Equation”. new book that explains how we can enlarge the “arc of skill” vs luck in various activities, including investing.

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Speaker — November 28, 2012
Cindi Bigelow

Cindi Bigelow, SVP of Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea Co, describing family’s entrepreneurial success story in tea business.

Contact: M. Skala