Vinny Arguimbau was born in Darien in 1950 and grew up here and in Seville, Spain. He graduated from Loomis School in 1969 and the University of North Carolina in 1974 with a degree in economics and political science. Upon graduation, he joined the family business, Arguimbau & Co., which is a specialty food importer. He retired in 2013. Vinny and his wife Hilarie live in Darien. He is a member of Wee Burn Country Club. He is interested in local water sports. Due to his time on the water, he has become interested in the health of Darien’s shoreline, which led him to join SoundWaters and Friends of Gorhams Pond. He also attends seminars at Cato Institute in economics, foreign policy and constitutional law. He is active in the quixotic effort by the Libertarian Party to replace the Republican Party in Connecticut. Sponsored by Gary Banks