If you enjoy reading and discussing what you have read then you should become a participant in the DMA Book Club.

The Book Discussion group meets on the second Wednesday of each month (Sep-Jun) at 12:30 p.m.-2 00 p.m. at the Mather Community Center located at the Darien Town Hall building. Food or drinks may not be brought into the discussion room; however the cafeteria is open before the discussion meeting for those who wish to bring their lunch.

At each meeting, the next Discussion Leader identifies the book chosen for the following month. The book choice may be fiction or non-fiction. The only restriction is the book must be available from the Darien Library. The Library maintains a collection of books, specifically for local Book Groups. This collection includes over 175 titles with more added periodically. Also the Library can order a collection (10+ copies) of a specific title if requested well in advance (60+ days). Marianne Paterniti and Pat Sheary are our Library Book Group contacts.

Role of the Discussion Leader: (i) choose a book; (ii) check availability and reserve at least 10 copies for SMA’s use; (iii) prepare and distribute a list of discussion topics/questions prior to the meeting; (iv) reserve a meeting room at the Library; (v) lead the discussion.

Participants may pick up a copy of the book in the reserve section of the library (just behind the front desk). Copies of the book are checked out to the SMA; you just need to pick up a copy; it is not required to check out the books individually.

Activity Leaders: Captain, Harris Hester, and Co-Captain, Gary Banks.

Contact Harris or Gary if you are interested in participating.

Often, someone will recommend a book they thought was noteworthy. It may or may not become a selection for discussion.  We’ve recorded those recommendations in a category called Good Reads.  Anyone is welcome to make a suggestion by sending an email to Gary Banks.

Book Group meeting to discuss “The Hero of France”.