Bruce Wilson will share with us why The Conversation is now viewed as an antidote to fake news and has become a key provider of content to help stem the decline of the U.S. media industry. Bruce is co-CEO of The Conversation, a new nonprofit news platform to counter the complete disarray undermining the ability of the public to get information from a trustworthy source since experts barely exist in newsrooms and objective journalists are a dying breed. Like most startups, The Conversation launched with a small editorial staff of seven and was largely supported by leading foundations like Ford, Gates and Sloan. Now there are 17 editors and more than 50 universities, like Michigan University and Tufts, supporting the mission. What makes it unique is the breadth and depth of its reporters, who are all leading academics with deep expertise in their area of research. In the few short years since its launch, The Conversation has worked with 1,400+ academics from top universities from coast to coast. News outlets serving liberal and conservative audiences, like The Washington Post,, the Chicago Tribune, Scientific American and The Associated Press, regularly republish articles from The Conversation, generating in excess of 9 million readers a week. Bruce has Darien roots.

Arranged by Robin Hogen


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