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IDG: Citibank, Microsoft, 9:00, Feb 4, 2019

DMA Investment Discussion Group

  • Overall market conditions – Jim Phillips
  • Citibank – Dave Piersol
  • Microsoft – Gary Banks

30 King’s Hwy South, 1st floor Conference Room.  Host: John Hess

Investment Club: January 7th at 9am

January 7th at 9am. We will discuss Alibaba (BABA) led by Sunil Saksena and GE led by Woody Spurgeon

Investment Club: 9:00, Dec 3rd. 2018

We will meet at John Hess’s office at 30 King’s Hwy South, 1st Floor.

Investment Club

Interested in investing?  The join the DMA Investment Club.

Leader: Jim Phillips