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Cheese Boards

Sometimes there is a scrap of lumber laying around that you are sure there MUST be a good use for.   Here the Woodworkers took scraps of contrasting wood, joined, glued, planed, sanded and finished them to make attractive cheese boards.



Boy Scout Tag Sale 2017

Several pieces of furniture donated to the Boy Scout Tag Sale were in need of repair.  The problems included broken legs and a split top.  In the condition they were in, they would bring only a low price – or possibly have to be junked.

The DMA Woodworkers were able to repair a doll’s barn, table, secretary and hope chest to usable condition.  They should bring a good price for a good cause.



Do you enjoy working with wood? Give a man some time and the proper tools and there is no telling what he may come up with. We have the tools and talent to repair an item you own or create that custom piece you need.

The DMA Woodworking Group meets at the wood shop at the Mather Center Mondays and Tuesdays, 10-12. We have the talent and tools to build or repair things made of wood.

The woodworking group is able to do all kinds of repairs so visit them if you have something made of wood that needs repairing.

Woodworking Group projects

Woodworking Group projects

Our Shop.
Tools are important. If you are a novice, we’ll help you use the professional quality tools in our shop. If you are an experienced woodworker, we have tools than can add to your home shop. Below is a list of the the tools that make us look good.

Table Saw









Band Saws

















Grinder, Router Table










Scroll Saw, Sliding Miter Saw










Drill Press, Mortising Chisel