Hiking the Leon Levy Preserve in South Salem, NY
Our first hike of the season is set for Thursday March 29, 2018 at 10.00 am

The Leon Levy Preserve was established approximately 10 years ago when the 400 acre Bell
property was purchased by the Westchester Land Trust. The hiking trails here are wide, well
maintained, well marked and range from an easy to a light moderate level of difficulty. We have
chosen this particular hike to encourage wide participation. The hike should appeal to hikers of
all levels of experience. We welcome spouses and significant others: they will enjoy this hike.

We will start at 10.00 am, hike for perhaps 3.5 miles and be done by approximately 12.30 pm
Following the hike, an optional lunch will be at Chef Luis in the heart of downtown New Canaan.

The best directions can be had by googling 45 Smith Ridge Road in South Salem, NY. This is a
private home on Route 123 very close to the Preserve. In fact, a few yards beyond their mailbox
is a brown sign saying that the Leon Levy Preserve is just ahead on the left. There is ample

For those traveling from Darien, you will basically being going up Mansfield Ave (Route 124)
into New Canaan and there connect to Route 123 N which is Smith Ridge Road in New
Canaan. Proceed on Route 123 N well into New York State till you see the mailbox for 45 Smith
Ridge Road in South Salem and spot the Leon Levy sign mentioned above.

Contact for this hike: Sunil Saksena, 203-561-8601; ssaksena44@gmail.com