The Darien Senior Men’s Assn. has named Kent Haydock, 15-year chairman of the Town-appointed Deer Management Advisory Board, as its Volunteer of the Year for 2011-2012. Starting in 1997, with deer population exploding virtually unchecked, Haydock and his Committee worked with appropriate Town officials to educate the public on serious deer‑related concerns, which include: the debilitating deer-tick disease pandemic, dangerous deer-vehicle collisions, and serious property damage to plants and trees through over browsing.

Haydock and colleagues initiated press releases, organized the showing of a film at the DarienLibrary which dramatizes threatening effects of long-term Lyme disease. They recruited volunteers to organize deer culls of overabundant deer population and enlisted private landowners to participate. These remedial actions have gained important state-wide legislative attention, maintained the local deer population below critical levels and helped protect the health and property of our local Darien community and citizens.

Congratulations Kent!