I was born (1937) in Baltimore, 3 blocks from the house (Bar) that Babe Ruth was reared in. I became an honest person by attending Catholic schools for my formal education. The night school route was used to complete (BSBA) my schooling at Iona College in New Rochelle (1973).

My business career began with the Lever Brothers plant in Baltimore (1958) in the Purchasing field. A solid knowledge that began there was the foundation for entering the Packaging Material Field. I was transferred to NYC in 1996.

Along the journey, my time was spent with other companies (Beech-Nut, Tetley). I eventually returned to the Unilever clan of Thomas J. Lipton as Purchasing Manager- Packaging Materials (1992).

My first wife (Miriam) of 45 years ended with her death in 2005. I remarried my current wife (Sandy) in 2008 and am fortunate to have experienced two happy marriages. Having conceived no children with my first wife, I inherited 3 children and 3 grandchildren with Sandy. I have lived in Darien since 1968.

My favorite pastimes involve golf, chess, bridge, and gardening – all of which my prowess is to be admired, but not imitated!