Jim Lewis McDonaldsThe issues facing franchisees today include the sharing of rising costs, profit split, lifespan of franchise concepts, chasing trends and who carries the risk. Current regulatory environment affects franchise on several levels. Managing real estate cost and franchising business models.

McDonald’s Specific Issues include product perception, profit split due to unique real estate partnership, labor force challenges, doing business in NYC, and advertising–structure.

Jim Lewis has been in the McDonald’s system since 1986 and as an Owner/Operator since 1993. He currently owns 17 Restaurants in Manhattan and Queens including the famous Times Square and 42nd St McDonald’s. Prior to his involvement in McDonald’s he worked as a Sales Manager for AT&T in Southfield, Michigan. Jim began his career as an Account Executive with Michigan Bell Telephone in 1981.

Jim is currently on the Board of Directors for the New York Metro Marketing Cooperative and has served as President of that Board in the past. He is currently the Co-Chairman of the Marketing Strategy Committee for New York. Jim has served on many National and Divisional teams for the McDonald’s system during his tenure.

Arranged by Tom Lom.