There are many good activities and programs going well for our Senior Men’s Association, and our financial condition is quite strong. But there are also signs that we need to take action to strengthen our membership and broaden our appeal, especially to those more recently retired.

For several years, the average age of our membership has held steady at 79 years. Among our almost 280 members, we have very few under the age of 60, and too few between ages 60 and 65.

At a recent SMA Board Meeting, our Board discussed the need to rejuvenate and revitalize our Association, and discussed several options aimed at broadening our appeal to those younger and more recently retired. We decided to form a special committee of our members, headed by Tom Lom, to identify Speakers, Activities, Outings and Community Services that would have greater appeal to recent retirees.

This committee will begin its activities after the holidays and also develop ideas to improve our public relations and community communications programs.

This initiative is very important for the future of the SMA, and I would like to encourage each member to come forward with ideas and suggestions to help the work of Tom’s group. In addition, it would be helpful if each member could identify those more recently retired friends and neighbors and invite them to come as a guest to one of our meetings.

Bob Ready, President