At our meetings in late March and early April, our members completed a survey designed to help in our efforts to revitalize our Association. If you missed those meetings, we will be sending the survey to you by email soon, please take the time to fill it out and submit it so that your voice can be heard in our planning.

As we discuss alternatives to make our club more attractive to recent retirees or “younger seniors” and to stimulate greater participation by current members, we are considering expanding our list of activities. The survey results to date indicate the highest interest in:

  • Hiking,
  • Local walking tours,
  • Current event discussions, and
  • Investing.

Also, among other changes that we are considering is the removal of “Senior” from our name, becoming, for example, the Darien Men’s Association. These and other changes are being thoroughly studied by Tom Lom and his committee, and by the Board of Directors. Any changes in our name or charter will be submitted formally to the Board, and if approved, then submitted to the membership for a vote in time to be a part of our communications for the next program year. Tom and his group welcome any suggestions you may have to help us in this revitalization effort.

Our Nominating Committee has finished its work, presenting the new slate and receiving the approval of the membership in recent meetings. Since this is my last newsletter message, I wanted to express my thanks to all of you who brought guests to our meetings. As a result of your help, we have added 25 new members thus far this year, a considerable increase over prior years.  Thanks to the officers, committee chairs, and volunteers for their help in making this another very successful year for our Association. It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve as your President.

Bob Ready, President