It is an honor to serve as your President for the coming year. Our Senior Men’s Club has completed yet another highly successful year, thanks to the continuing efforts of its officers, committee chairs, activity leaders and the Board.

I would like to accomplish two major objectives in our coming year. The first is to increase our membership and the second is to make our web site a dynamic program that is accessed weekly by a growing majority of our computer savvy members.

My proposal for increasing our membership is quite simple and straight-forward. By far, our best source of new members is our present membership. I would like to challenge each and every member to bring at least one guest to one meeting in the coming year.  If we do this, I know that our membership will increase by at least 30 in the coming year, or roughly three times the average of our past years.

With respect to the web site, Bob Smith and his team have already made tremendous progress working during the past spring and summer.  At our fall meetings, we plan to exhibit the web site before the members at several meetings in an effort to train our members to rely on the web site, and rely less on paper bound communications.

I hope each of you will accept the challenge to bring at least one new member to one meeting in the coming year and dedicate yourself to becoming a regular user and visitor to our web site.

Respectfully, Bob Ready