Minutes of Member Meeting 01-21-2015 Speaker Les de Villiers regaled us with his exploits in Uganda and Rwanda tracking and observing mountain gorillas. Les, with a doctorate in economic history, finally realized his dream of seeing gorillas in the wild after postponing planned trips in 1994 and 1999 due to political upheavals. He is a long-time leader of South African safaris and author of numerous books.

Minutes of Member Meeting 1-14-2015 Speaker Stephen Roach whose opinions on global economy have been known to shape foreign policy in Beijing and Washington. In his recent book, “Unbalanced: the Codependency of America and China” he cogently presents the pitfalls and opportunities of both countries.

Minutes of Member Meeting 1-7-2015 – Speaker Jack Cavanaugh spoke  about Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside: World War II, Army’s Undefeated Teams, and College Football’s Greatest Backfield Duo.

Minutes of Member Meeting 12-10-2014 – Speaker Stuart Gibson discussed the famous Russian Hermitage and its 250th anniversary in St. Petersburg.

Minutes of Member Meeting 12-3-2014 – Bob Mazzone and Pam Dey from CT Challenge spoke about how their organization empowers cancer survivors to live healthier, happier and longer lives and in 2012 alone aided over 54,000 survivors.

Minutes of Member Meeting 11-19-2014 Speaker Lisa Wilson Grant discussed her new book titled, “Norwalk” which is a collection of vintage photographs from the mid-1800s through the 1960s.

Minutes of Member Meeting 11-12-2014 Speaker Sean Pica spoke about how he transformed himself from a 16 year-old convict in Sing Sing, who served sixteen years of a 24 year sentence, to his present post as the executive director of Hudson Link an organization that provides college education to inmates.

Minutes of Member Meeting 11-5-2014 –  Speaker Bob Patton, general George Patton’s grandson, spoke about his latest book, “Hell Before Breakfast”, a wildly entertaining tome describing America’s first war correspondents.

Minutes of Member Meeting 10-29-2014 – Speaker Catalina Horak, executive director of Neighbors Link in Stamford, talked on the immigrant population of our neighboring city of Stamford and how best to integrate them into our society.

Minutes of Member Meeting 10-22-2014 – Speaker Daryl Hawk, international documentary photographer, spoke about his solitary journey across the kingdom of Ladakh in northern India and the region of Kashmir.

Minutes of Member Meeting 10-15-2014 – Mike Santoli, Senior Columnist for Yahoo, spoke about his views on our present economy, the volatile stock market as well as corporate doings.

Minutes of Member Meeting 10-8-2014 – Speaker William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Bracket Professor of Physics at Princeton University engagingly discussed the roles of natural forces and fossil fuel-generated CO2 in climate change.

Minutes of Member Meeting 10-1-2014 – Speaker Michael Dante, an award winning actor on TV, films, and stage, spoke about his life from Stamford to Hollywood.

Minutes of Member Meeting 9-24-2014 – Speaker Scott Kuhner, a DMA member, described his “Atlantic Circle” cruise with his wife on their 40 ft. sailboat, Tamure.

Minutes of Member Meeting 9-17-2014 – Speakers Dan Libertino and John Bulakowshi, members of the Igor Sikorsky Archives, spoke about the life of aircraft pioneer, Igor Sikorsky.

Minutes of Member Meeting 9-10-2014 – Speaker Art Gotttlieb, a local historian, spoke on the history of the aircraft carrier Intrepid.

Minutes of Member Meeting 9-03-2014 Speaker John Sanden, American Portrait Painter, spoke about the history of the portraits of presidents and his experience painting George W. and Laura Bush’s portraits for the White House.