We will be visiting the New England Air Museum on March 14th. This museum consists of three hangars, and an outside area. The aircraft on display include a total 66 airplanes, 26 helicopters, 8 missiles, 7 gliders, 6 balloons, 1 autogyro and 2 lighter-than-air craft. In addition, there are many historical displays. Aircraft on display are from all time periods including a pre-WW-I Bleriot XI

WW I              Fokker DR-1

Golden Years   Stinson Reliant & Gee Bee Thompson Racer

WW II             Chance Vought Cousair & P-51 Mustang

Jet Age            F4D Phantom & MIG-15

We will also tour the Mark Twain house in Hartford. It was the home of our greatest author while he wrote his most important works. An outstanding example of Gothic architecture, it features a grand hall with Victorian decorative arts by Tiffany’s design studio.

Reservation details will be posted in late January.