Philip Vitiello will speak on the White Star Line’s Olympic Class Ships, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. Almost everyone knows the story of the Titanic, which, while on her maiden voyage to New York in 1912, hit an iceberg and sank, causing the loss of 1,500 passengers and crew.  However, few people realize that the Titanic actually was the second of three super ships built in the Olympic Class for the White Star Line to compete for the Atlantic-crossing passenger trade.  At the time, these three ships were claimed to be the largest ever built. This PowerPoint presentation tells the incredible and tragic story of these three historical ships and what eventually happened to them. Included in the story is the amazing life of Violet Constance Jessop, who, ironically, sailed on all three of these ships as a stewardess and then as a nurse during World War I. Philip is the director of operations of Northeast Food Marketing in Stamford. Hehas been a Civil War historian and re-enactor for more than 40 years and the vice president of the Civil War Round Table of South Central Connecticut. He is a member of the Titanic Historical Society, as well as The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. He previously delivered two other DMA presentations on Joshua Chamberlain, the Civil War general and on the Hunley, a Civil War submarine.

Arranged by Andre Guilbert