Dan is President of the and John is Vice President of the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives Organization.

“The mission of the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives is to acquire, manage, protect and make accessible to qualified persons for research and educational purposes, historical documents and memorabilia associated with Igor I. Sikorsky, his life and his careers in aviation, and the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, as well as related predecessor companies. This includes the full history of aircraft design, manufacture, sales and operational use, as well as film and video materials, models, and other memorabilia relating to Igor I. Sikorsky.“
Volunteers (Archivists) are the key to accomplishing our objectives. Currently there are 19 active Archivists who meet weekly on Tuesday and Thursday assisting in a variety of projects such as the cataloging of the thousands of pieces of memorabilia into a computer for ease of location, the reorganization of the files and the expansion of some files to the Administration Building across from the Barrett House, and the review of early 1920 and 1930 velum drawings for preservation and much more.

Additionally, Archivists have expanded participation in Community projects. Joe Keogan, for example, has assisted in setting up a pictorial display of the history of Sikorsky at the Bridgeport Discovery Museum. Igor Sikorsky Jr.. Dan Libertino and Lee Jacobson give video presentation and question and answer sessions to members of schools and other organizations in the greater Bridgeport and New Haven areas.. Art Linden and John Daniell continue their video interview sessions with former key Sikorsky retirees, such as past Presidents, Sikorsky Family Members and a full range of early employees who witnessed the start of the helicopter industry. An area that is expending rapidly involves e-mail questions to the Archives from literally all over the world. The range of questions asked is interesting: The queries range from very technical to filling in gaps in family history of former Sikorsky employees. An Archivist replies to each and every inquiry with a reply to a question to providing copies of archival material.

The growing range of member activities Is not only very interesting but immensely gratifying. Without member support the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives could not continue to preserve and make available the “Legacy of Igor I. Sikorsky.”

Arranged by Andre Guilbert