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The SMA/SMCNC (Senior Men’sClub of New Canaan) Golf Tournament was held under very hot conditions on June 20th at the Silvermine Golf Club. Unfortunately, SMCNC was victorious in the inaugural golf tournament between the two senior organizations.

The general consensus was that this was a most enjoyable competition with good camaraderie and should be continued on an annual basis. With the full participation of our best players, we are hopeful that we can achieve a different result next year and deliver the trophy to SMA.

Along with Bill Atkinson, I would like to express my appreciation to the following SMA members for braving the heat and participating on the SMA team:

•         Alex Garnett
•         Austin Schraff
•         Bill Atkinson
•         Bill Thomson
•         Bob Baker
•         Bob Harrel
•         Chris Filmer
•         Denny Devere
•         Hal Simpson
•         Jack Fitzgibbons
•         Jeff Freeman
•         Jim Manning
•         Joe Holmes
•         Kevin Monahan
•         Michael Poler
•         Peter Carnes
•         Russ Peppet
•         Tom Glover
•         Tom Lauri
•         Tom Lom
•         Tom Reifenheiser
•         Tony Kwedar
•         Wally McCurdy
•         Woody Woodworth

Special thanks to Peter Carnes, Russ Peppet and Bill Atkinson for stepping up on short notice to participate on the team.

Photos of the SMA/SMCNC Golf Tournament will be posted on the upgraded SMA web site by September.

A good summer to all.

Best regards,
Denny Devere