Ken Delmar, author of “Winning Moves: The Body Language of Selling” will describe several subtle but powerful tactics and strategies of non-verbal communication used to enhance success in careers.

A real estate blog about selling said the about Ken’s book: “The book explains the keys, strategies, moves, gestures, expressions, style and aura that work for winners. The author suggests that religious leaders, politicians, actors, top trail lawyers and top sales people all have these abilities in common. He further suggests that we can all do this, if we learn how – and that is exactly what this book explains how to do.

Amongst the topics are how to maintain composure, sense of trust, limit stress, look relaxed, self-assured and confident. Imagine disarming prospects, improving your voice and allowing hostile people to backtrack with proper body language and adequate tone. Learn to look alive on camera, command a room, quell anger emotions, it is all here and more, this is a great book.”

Ken has spoken around the country about his book, which has won a national award and has been translated into seven languages.