Joseph Gianquinto is a 38 year veteran of the television industry.

Mr. Gianquinto’s passion for broadcasting began at Seton Hall University in the late 1950’s as a Communication Arts major with exposure to a superior faculty and a vibrant WSOU radio station. He graduated in 1960 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, after two active duty tours in the US Army, Gianquinto worked for five years in the Commercial Production Department of the William Esty Ad Agency as an assistant and later as a producer. After leaving William Esty, Gianquinto began a television network broadcasting career at ABC and NBC as a Unit Production Manager. He worked on a variety of programs such as the 1968 Winter and Summer Olympics; the 1969 and 1970 World Series; A Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne Special; The Orange Bowl Parade; Apollos14, 15 and 17; the 1972 Democratic and Republican National Conventions and NBC Nightly News. In 1977 he became Director of Budgets and Planning for NBC’s News, Sports and East Coast Entertainment Programs.

Mr Gianquinto left NBC to help launch sports network ESPN in 1979 becoming its Vice President of Operations and Engineering in 1980. In 1982 he began a sixteen year career at Westinghouse Broadcasting as Vice President of Broadcast Operations and Technical Services for the Television Group and after two years in retirement, worked as a consultant for American Catholic, securing production and office facilities for a would be 24 hour cable network.

Arranged by Bob Smith.