John, Jane and their two daughters arrived in Darien in 1980, planning a one-year stay. Born in Berkeley, in 1943, John lived in 23 houses before fleeing to the University of California, Davis, then Berkeley, with a stint as an Army LT in Colorado and Vietnam sandwiched in, collecting bachelor’s and advanced degrees along the way. John is still trying to live down having become a CPA while working in the Bay Area for six years before being asked to temporarily relocate for a tour of duty in New York. When asked to resume his career in San Francisco, John and Jane decided that Darien was a wonderful place to raise children, a decision they’ve never regretted. John joined a NYC boutique investment firm for a decade, then repotted himself as a tax/legal/regulatory/generational planning adviser to a hyper-wealthy family where, after 25 years, he completed his career. John and Jane love to watch their four grandchildren growing up (and their parents managing that effort), travel, theatre, museums, read, suffer as Cal and 49er fans, and play at bridge.