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Our day had a bumpy start with a bus breakdown along I95, but smoothly recovered with a thrilling tour of Yankee Stadium, followed by a visit to the truly magnificent re-creation of Monet’s Giverny gardens (think Lily Pads) at the New York Botanical Garden, and concluded with an elegant (and sumptuous) late lunch at La Panetiére restaurant in Rye, NY.

At Yankee Stadium, we saw the memorabilia of several famous Yankees in their Museum, read the two dozen plaques in Monument Park, sat in the dugout and imagined that we were up at bat next, and looked into the clubhouse lockers.

At the NYBG, we walked among the colorful flowers and water lilies in the replica of Monet’s gardens at the Giverny,

Lastly, we had a superb lunch, which was topped off with a decadent dessert of vanilla ice cream and chocolate lava cake, at La Panetiere in Rye.


Our applause to Mel Klugman for putting this all together.

And Thanks to Frank Johnson for the photos!

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